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2013 Team Utopia South Roster

(Other years' rosters: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,)

Blair Baldwin
Israel Bilbao
Christina Bishop
Justin Bishop
Pam Boggs
Jessica Bradley
Darrell Brown
Mike Compton
Sydney Frontz
Joel Gardner
Rick Gibbons
Derek Gomez
Ashley Horton

Mike Hudgins
Beth McCorkle
Alex McDonald
Amy McDonaugh
Kristen McLaurin
Tracy Meyers
Travis Moran
Marcus Osby
Ilia Owens
Kana Rahman
Marshall Ramsey
Stephanie Roberts
Laurie Royson

Valerie Selby
Sheila Subbarao
George Summers
Joseph Taylor
Kimberly Taylor
Tracy Tisdale
Amber Todd
Colleen Vowles
Ken Vowles
Joyce Welch
Drew Williams
Jessica Workman
Rob Yerger